Tri-County Cruisers Rod & Custom Car Club


The Tri-County Cruisers is a nonprofit, Family oriented,
Automobile club focusing on the preservation and
enjoyment of automobiles that are 25 years and older, and
their related materials, oriented to the 50’s style Rod &
Custom look, and to promote fellowship among its
members and fellow car enthusiast. The Tri-County
Cruisers supports local and national charities, and other
no profit organizations with donations and or assistance
with their programs. We are dedicated in helping those
who are less fortunate than we are,
while preserving our hobby for future generations.

On February 14, 1999 a meeting was held at BERT’s Restaurant in Mechanicsville, MD with (6) local old car enthusiast to talk about forming a new Rod & Custom car club in Southern MD.  These (6) people:  Bob Dick, Roger Hamilton, Clyde Hamilton, Steve Padgett, Alice and Joe Wood, along with Carol Dick, Dee Hamilton, and Pete Small, began the meeting at 7:15 pm and discussed several issues concerning the new club.

First on the agenda was a name for the club.  It was decided the name of the new club would be TRI-COUNTY CRUISERS Rod & Custom Car Club.  Then the club needed a logo.  Steve Padgett made up several samples and a logo was decided on using the club name and 2 CARS:  A Street Rod and a Custom.  Other items that needed attention were as follows:

  • Dues – 1st year sign-up $25.00 then $20.00 per year thereafter.
  • There will be only full-fledged members, this means all new members will pay the above mentioned dues no discount for significant others.
  • All yearly dues must be paid by the January meeting in order to vote in the elections.
  • It was decided that the club would put a cap on membership, to cut-off would be 40 members.
  • The club will be a non-profit organization dedicated to helping local charities.
  • The club needed officers so the following were elected after paying their dues”

President, Bob Dick                   Vice-President, Steve Padgett

Secretary (open)                        Treasurer, Alice Wood

Cruise Director (open)               Correspondence, Dee Hamilton

  • Monthly Meeting will be held at BERT’s Restaurant in Mechanicsville, MD, Time and date, undecided.
  • A weekly cruise will be held by the TRI-COUNTY CRUISERS day and time, undecided.
  • A P.O. BOX will be rented before the next scheduled meeting.
  • Alice Wood is looking into opening a checking account for the club.
  • Pete Small is looking into insurance.
  • The next scheduled meeting will be on March 7, 1999, 2:00 pm at BERT’S.
  • If members sign up and pay their dues by the March meeting they will not have to go through the process of being voted in.
  • All members are required to attend at least (6) meetings a year, and (3) consecutive meetings before being voted in.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.


2023 Officers:

President:  Tony Hall

Vice-President:  Paul Harris

Secretary:  Doris Hall

Treasurer:  Ginny Gregory

Corresponding Secretary:  

Committee Chairmen for 2023:

Cruise Director:  Mike Hall


Legal Advisor: Arnold Yochelson

Membership: Mike Tompkins

Historian: Lawrence Morris

Annual Car Show:  Tony Hall & Paul Harris

Elections: Tony Hall

Club Picnic: Tony Hall & Paul Harris

Chaplain: Tony Wright